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Pet Care

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American PineAcre Kennels – We Offer More Than Boarding!

American PineAcre Kennels in Muncie, IN provides more than a pet kennel and boarding services. While your dog is in our care, we can help with behavioral issues, nutrition, or provide a nice thorough grooming. All of our pet care services are a la carte – in other words, you don’t need to purchase any service to be eligible for another.


Additional Pet Care Services:


For pets not currently boarding with us, bathing or grooming appointments can be made for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. We do not do any grooming on Sunday, Wednesday, or Saturday. We cannot accept walk-ins at this time and will provide grooming by appointment only. Please call us at 765-284-5829 to schedule!

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The normal grooming process: We will have you drop your pet off in the morning at 8:00 AM. We will call you when they are done, or you may choose to schedule to pick them up at a certain time. Our working customers tend to pick up between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Don’t worry about the long stay, your pet will get plenty of love all day with us!

For those boarding with us: You may request your pet to get bathing or grooming before they leave to go home with you. This is at an additional charge as listed below. You may also request only a nail trim, which starts at $10. We will be sure to check with you at drop off if you would like to add on any of these services.

Average grooming rates for common dog breeds are listed on this page. The actual cost will depend on the condition and behavior of the dog. We charge $1 for every five minutes that we spend dematting your dog, and $2 for every five minutes that we spend dematting your cat. We also have a $30 charge for missed appointments without 48 hours of notice.

Grooming Price Estimates:
*All prices are estimates and subject to change without notice based on condition and behavior of the animal or specific pattern.
*We charge an additional $1 for a dog and $2 for a cat for every 5 minutes we spend on dematting
*Includes bath, brush out, nails and feet trimmed, ears cleaned.




Check Out Our Grooming Gallery


Toy short hair (ie: Chihuahua) – $35+

Toy Long Hair (ie: Toy Yorkie) – $40+

Toy Groom – $43+

Small Short Hair (ie: Pug) –  $35+

Small Long Hair –  $40+

Small Full Groom – $48+

Medium Short Hair (ie: Beagle) – $35+

Medium Long Hair (ie: Sheltie) – $45+

Medium Full Groom (ie: Schnauzer) –  $50+

Large Short Hair (ie: Lab) –  $38+

Large Long Hair (ie: Golden Retriever) – $55+

Large Full Groom (Airedale) – $63+

X-Large Short Hair (ie: Bull Mastiff) – $45+

X-Large Long Hair (ie: Akita) – $60+

X-Large Full Groom (clipdown) – $80+

Giant Short Hair (ie: Great Dane) – $60+

Giant Long Hair (ie: Pyrenees) – $100+

Giant Full Groom (clipdown) – $90+


Toy Poodle w/Legs Scissored & FFTT – $55 +

Cocker Spaniel – $50 +

Airedale – $70 +

Standard Poodle with Poms & FFTT – $95 +


Short Hair Bath –  $60+

Medium Hair Bath –  $67+

Long Hair Bath –  $67+

Clipdowns – $80+

*With Bath

Nail Trim – Included!

Dremel Nails – $5

Anal Glands – $5

Teeth Cleaning – $10

*No Bath

Nail Trim – $15+

Dremel Nails – $20+

Anal Glands – $5+

Teeth Cleaning – $5

Nutritional Guidance

 Whether you’re trying to find the best way to fix bad breath, dry skin or a consistent upset stomach, we are more than happy to talk with you. Our skilled and well-educated staff have experience and expertise that can help guide you in the right direction for a happier and healthier pet. We also encourage you to visit Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies.


We work closely with Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies and they provide plenty of retail options!

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To book any of these additional pet care services, or if you have any questions about boarding or booking , please contact us at 765-284-5829 today!




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